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Web Presence

Website Design and Development

Web presence refers to the appearance of a person or organization on the World Wide Web.

Website Design From TG
Website Design: To conceive, execute an artistic idea and visualize a composition. TG works with your company to understand the level and requirements to achieve your online presence.

Website Design

The creation or continuation of your online presence requires the proper understanding of what will cut through all the other sites on the web. TG has on staff seasoned professionals who understand the web. TG works with all the major graphics programs, preferring to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for the creation of the your design and images. We prefer to create everything from scratch for you so that you are looking different from your competitors.

Creating The Design Element
TG will consult with your marketing staff or individuals with your organization about the company brand that you currently have. We will discover what your company is providing, selling or servicing. With this information, our design staff will begin the creation of your online presence.

Usability And Your Visitors
Having a great design is only part of the website design. For a website to be effective and able to meet the needs of your visitors, your site must be user-friendly. Mystery navigation, improper link naming can make the journey into your site a vacation nightmare. Our design staff will create the proper naming conventions required for a proper user understanding.

Dynamic Eye Candy
Our staff can also create additional tools and features to bring your online message to the front of the line. Should your site require audio or video presentations, we can help convert your media into MP3 files or bring your video archive into almost any video format, from Windows .avi's to .mov formats, TG can deliver the message your company is already using in your other media programs.

Website Development

The next phases of your online presence is the website development. Learn what we consider the next step in website development.

Website Development From TG
Development: To realize the potential or to aid in the growth of your web presence. TG works with your company to understand the level and requirements to achieve your online presence. We have an expertise in developing website which uses web-services and interact with other system. We develop modular architecture development process for delivering end to end solutions.

Site Management Tools
TG also can work with your current web editing software, be it Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage or a desktop publishing program. We have the software and tools to meet our client's needs.

E-Commerce Web Sites

TG is also your choice for creating your E-Commerce presence. We know the steps required to bring your store online. To enable a secure shopping experience online you want a developer who knows the steps to take and pitfalls to avoid. We use numerous merchant vendors for our Merchant Account software needs insuring the best rate for your credit card processing needs. When it comes to knowing E-Commerce, TG is your source.

Custom Web Applications

For custom web applications, we also are the place to come. Experts in PHP and MySQL driven sites, we are the choice for getting that special application completed. Be the need to have an information gathering section on your web site, or to add unique modifications to our Site Management application, TG again is your choice.

Our Commitment To Technology

TG will commit to provide the best technology to your softwares which fullfill your business needs satisfactorily.

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