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E-Commerce Solutions and Applications

Ecommerce, E-Business: Commerce that is transacted electronically, as over the Internet. In today's busy electronic enriched times more businesses are turning to the added advantage of offering their goods and products on the internet besides from their own "brick and mortar" locations. Using the Internet as an additional piece of real estate allows your company the opportunity to extend the reach and services you do everyday. With E-Commerce applications from TG you can offer an E-Business solution, free up your inbound phone sales, reduce errors and reduce staff by taking orders online for your current customers. With proper search engine optimization you can also drive new qualified, in market buyers to your company's products.

Choices are what TG is all about. You can select the E-Commerce program that is right for you. TG has available 3 different options to the E-Business / ECommerce program; Custom Cart Building is available from TG. For those special situations within your organization, a custom, from the ground up shopping cart creation is also an option.
TG is also here to help you obtain your "Secure Certificate (SSL)" from any number of Certificate Authorities.
Choosing a Merchant Account from a reputable and supportive gateway is one of the most confusing and problematic features many first-time entrants into the E-Business will experience. Selecting the wrong merchant account can be expensive and a nightmare. We have affiliations with numerous Merchant Vendors and will help you select the program that is right for you.

We have teams of experienced people who worked extensively for e-commerce domain, whether it is online shopping, retail management, online travel and hotel booking management system. Our team is having experience in webservices integration (Payment Gateway Integration, GDS, LCC).

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